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Lithographic (Flat) Printing

Lithographic Printing ... some explanatory information -

 Litho printing, also known as lithography or lithographic printing works on the basic principle that oil and water do not mix. Unlike thermography where the image (print) is raised from non-image areas, in lithography the image areas and the non-image areas are all on the same level. The printing surface is flat.

   Historically, in lithography a flat stone was treated so that the image areas attract an oil-based ink and the non-image wet areas repel the oil-based ink. When the stone is pressed against the surface to be printed on, the oily inked image areas leave an imprint.

  Litho printing is one of the few printing processes that are used as an art form and commercially as well. Commercially, litho printing or litho is the most recent of all the major printing processes.

 Litho printing also has many applications today. Many artists use lithography to express their creativity in a variety of forms. Commercially, litho printing has come a long way and stones have been replaced by metal plates and sometimes even ‘paper’ plates. The basic printing process remains the same but has adapted to technological advances.

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